It's Time to Update Your Windows

Ask about our window installation services in Meriden and Topeka, KS

Does your home feel outdated? Sometimes a small change, like replacing old windows, is all you need to make your home appear newer and more stylish. You can trust us to replace your faulty windows with new, quality windows that will improve the appearance of your home and help lower your energy bills.

Trinity Contracting, LLC can handle your replacement window installation in Meriden and Topeka, KS. Call us at 785-224-5704.

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Do you need new windows?

You should consider replacing your windows if:

  • They are drafty
  • They don't open and close properly
  • They have broken glass or warped frames
  • They are single-pane
  • They allow too much noise into your home

We only install industry-leading window products at your home. Our windows are from Champion. We can also install all types of skylights, including dome, tunnel and escape.